Tours of South America from €4390

Tours of South America from €4390

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From the iconic sites of Peru’s Machu Picchu to the incredible Iguacu Falls on Brazil and Argentina’s border, you’ll be astounded by the array of sights and cultures in South America. And now, you can experience it all with us! Choose from these incredible tours, all with unique and extraordinary experiences included from the moment you arrive.

  • COLOURS OF COSTA RICA, 16 days from €4,390pp
  • PANORAMIC PERU, 18 days from €4,790pp
  • ESSENCE OF ARGENTINA & BRAZIL, 14 days from €4,890pp
  • CHILE TOP TO TOE, 16 days from €4,690pp
  • COSTA RICA AND PANAMA, 16 days from €4,390pp
  • RHYTHMS OF BRAZIL, 15 days from €4,790p

We've included some completely unique experiences on our tours that can't be found anywhere else: 
✔ Visit the local amazon tribe Caboclos, Brazil
✔ Two day pass to visit the Machu Picchu, Peru
✔ Learn to salsa in Cali, Colombia

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