TravelWise App

TravelWise App - Department of Foreign Affairs Free Travel Advice App

The Department of Foreign Affairs recently launched a new app, designed to keep Irish citizens safe when travelling and living abroad. The aim of the app is to provide citizens with travel advice and keep them up to date with relevant security updates from 200 countries. The app is free and available to download on the App Store and Play Store. Please see end of article for link.

Providing You With Peace of Mind

Travelling to countries with security issues can be a stressful time for travellers. The Department of Foreign Affairs created the app which will provide citizens with security ratings of 200 countries and offer adive on whether you should travel or not. A coded ratings system has been devised with the levels signalling the security ratings of that country.

Green - Normal

Yellow - High Degree of Caution

Amber - Avoid Non-Essential travel

Red - Do Not Travel


Additional Information

The Department of Foreign Affairs will also provide citizens with detailed information about visas, healthy & safety and you destination's governing laws. Travellers can also request extra information if necessary. 

Know Before You Go

The know before you go section of the app provides up to date information relevant to various types of travellers and destinations. Advice includes passport information, travel insurance information and information about foreign laws. 

My Trip

This is a handy feature on the app which allows you to prepare for your upcoming journey by saving everything in one place. 


When content is downloaded, it is then available when offline or not connected to an internet connection. 

To download TravelWise visit the App Store or Google Play

For more information on the app please visit the Department of Foreign Affairs website by clicking here.

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